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Welcome to Uval and Harel's Simtower Page. To send us email click on our name's at the bottom of the page. To download our very own sound collection for simtower, click here: Sounds.zip. To install it, unzip the files into your simtower directory. Get the Simtower cheat utility SimHex written by Jerry Moore (requires vbrun300.dll)

SimTower Tips

To double your starting money, build a lobby section under floor B9 at the very left of your screen. Note: this must be the first thing you do.

Build super lobbies! Big lobbies decrease the stress of your residents. Press Shift + Alt and the lobby tool to make a three story lobby, or use Alt to build two story lobbies.

Bulldoze any cockroach infested room before they spread!

Build offices on the second Weekday of each quarter before 1:00 P.M.

Force movie crowds to walk through commercial areas

People will only switch elevators once in their journey.

Build at least one parking space for every hotel suite and one for every four offices.

When mixing condos or hotel rooms with other types of tennants leave room for noise isolation (The manual suggests 120 pixels for hotel rooms and 240 for condos)

Obvious Strategy:

Build sky lobbies every 15 floors

Stores should be as close to lobbies as possible.

Try to keep noisy neighbors away from condos. They will decrease the quality of the Condos

Never sell a condo for $40,000

Make your hotel suites readily accessible so your VIP is happy

Express elevators should reach the parking garage

Built-in Restrictions of SimTower: Elevators Shafts 24
Elevator Cars Per Shaft 8
Stairs + Escalators 64
Security Stations 10
Medical Clinics 10
Theatres + Ballrooms 16
FastFood + Restaurants + Shopsı 512
Parking Spaces 512
Metro Station 1
Cathedral 1
Named People 20

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